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La Aurora

La Aurora Cigar Factory for more than a century has been producing some the world’s

best cigars. A tobacco and family tradition that transcends the upheavals of history,

providing excellent cigars to tobacco lovers everywhere.

a CigarsAURORA-1.jpg

The first cigar manufactured in the Dominican Republic, this line of cigars is the result of the dedication and excellence of more

than a century of tradition. These cigars are made by expert torcedors who use the best selection of tobaccos harvested in the

plantations of the El Cibao Valley. La Aurora stands out due to its medium strength, aromatic and well balanced smoke. Its

filler is a pitch-perfect combination of Piloto Cubano, Dominican and Nicaraguan Olor, finished with a Cameroon wrapper.

Filler: Dominican • Nicaraguan
Binder: Dominican
Wrapper: Cameroon
Strength: Mild to Medium

Available Sizes:


Belicoso - 6.25 x 52

Robusto- 5 x 50


La Aurora 107

aurora 107n.jpg

La Aurora is celebrating their 107th anniversary with a new cigar, properly named the 107. The launch also plays with the 107

theme by selecting 107 stores nationwide to be given 107 cigars to give to their customers.

There are a lot of woody characteristics in the flavor profile and a nice spice through the nose. It medium bodied and does

have a bit more to it without crossing into full bodied.

Filler: Dominican • Nicaraguan
Binder: Dominican
Wrapper: Sun Grown Ecuadorian
Strength: Medium to Full

Available Sizes:

Belicoso - 6.25 x 52

Toro - 5.5 x 54

Robusto - 4.5 x 50


La Aurora 1495 Series Cigars


This edition of La Aurora pays tribute to the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, founded in 1495 by Christopher Columbus in

the heart of El Cibao.

Made from six different types of tobacco, Aurora 1495 Series is ideal for connoisseurs who prefer a medium to full-bodied

smoke that combines a variety of aromas and offers a flavor of incredible complexity and richness.

Filler: Dominican Corojo & Ligero, Nicarguan and Peruvian
Binder: Dominican Corojo
Wrapper: Ecuador
Strength: Medium to Full


Available Sizes:

Belicoso - 6.25 x 52

Robusto - 5 x 50


La Aurora Preferidos 1803 Edition



A true masterpiece, these cigars are produced only by expert torcedors with more than 15 years of experience. Each of them

produces at most 125 cigars per day. The La Aurora Preferido is a perfecto offering a very balanced smoke.

It is made with tobacco leaves that have undergone a process that takes longer than four years, from the curing to the first stage

of ripening, as well as a year of aging in rum barrels. Once rolled, the Preferidos remain in the aging room for another 6 to 8


Filler: Dominican, Cameroon, and Brazil
Binder: Dominican
Wrappers / Strength:
Corojo / Full
Maduro / Medium
Cameroon / Medium
Connecticut / Mild
Ecuador / Full


Available Sizes:

 No. 2 - 5 x 54 - Available in Connecticut,  Corojo,  Cameroon, Maduro and Ecuador wrappers.






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