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http://www.ashtoncigars.com/images/clear.gifLa Aroma De Cuba New Blend

We are very proud to introduce to you the new and improved La

Aroma de Cuba! Now handmade in Nicaragua by the Garcia family,

the new LADC features gorgeous chocolaty Connecticut Broadleaf

wrappers and a rich, spicy blend of Nicarguan tobaccos. For the

past 18 months, we have been working very closely with the Garcia

family to bring this new cigar to fruition. We believe we have

successfully improved the flavor and quality of the cigar without

ompromising the richness and spiciness that loyal LADC smokers

have relished for years.

Sizes Available:

Marquis Tube - 5.75 x 48

Immensa - 5.5 x 60






La Aroma De Cuba Edicion Especial

Ashton Heritage Puro Sol

La Aroma De Cuba Edicion Especial is a wonderful

new cigar manufactured in Nicaragua by the Garcia

family. Handcrafted in small batch fashion by a

select group of master rollers, this is a cigar for the

connoisseur with a seasoned palate. The flavors

within this cigar are tremendously complex.

Beautiful, seamless, pumpkin-colored wrappers

embrace an enchanting Cubanesque blend of rich,

well-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. These wrappers

are cultivated in Ecuador under direct sunlight

from Cuban seeds. The flavors are medium to

full-bodied, rich and zesty. Hearty notes of earth

and cedar are accompanied by lighter notes of

leather and cinnamon. Available in 7 sizes in cedar

chests of 25. Discover this fantastic new cigar for




Sizes Available:

#5 - 5.5 x 52               #1 - 5.625 x 46





http://www.ashtoncigars.com/images/clear.gifLa Aroma De Cuba New Blend

Two years in the making, La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor

is another grand collaboration between Ashton and

the Garcia family. Handmade in small-batch fashion,

the Mi Amor features a luscious Cuban-seed wrapper

grown in Mexico and a marvelous blend of aged

Nicaraguan tobaccos. Medium to full-bodied, these

cigars are rich, complex and very well-balanced.


Sizes Available:

Magnifico - 6 x 52     Robusto - 5 x 50












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